Automated Pickup

Go Green with Single Stream

All recyclables will now go into our new 64-gallon, green-lid recycling cart.

No more sorting…All recyclables are mixed together in one cart and wheeled to the curb. No more bins to carry. No more blowing recyclables.

Recycling Just Got Easier

All recycling will now be collected with automated trucks. The following items are important for the success of the single stream program.

  • Place recycling cart out the night prior to your scheduled collection day. Make sure lid is closed. Lid opening must face the street.
  • Place cart no less than two (2) feet from the curb. Place recycling cart at least 4 feet away from the trash cart. Be sure all carts are at least 4 feet away from mailboxes, basketball hoops, telephone poles, fire hydrants, and parked cars. We suggest placing the trash cart on one side of your driveway and the recycling cart on the opposite side.
  • Please place your recycle cart only out when full or near full. Dumping carts with small amounts of recyclables wastes fuel and other natural resources.
  • Your old recycle bin is yours to keep. Do not place it at the curb because our automated trucks cannot dump it.
  • Cardboard boxes must be cut into smaller pieces so they fit loosely inside the cart. Cardboard will not be accepted if it is placed outside of the recycling cart.

Single Stream Recycling Guidelines


  • Cardboard: cereal boxes, pasta boxes, corrugated boxes, pizza boxes
  • Paper: newspapers, junk mail, envelopes, catalogs, soft cover books, telephone books, brown bags, magazines and inserts, white and colored paper
  • Plastic: containers, #1 through #7 (soda, water, juice and cooking oil bottles, milk jugs, bleach, detergent, shampoo bottles)
  • Glass: bottles and containers (any color)
  • Cans: aluminum, tin, steel containers (pie plates, trays, foil)
  • Miscellaneous: milk cartons, juice boxes


  • Windows, glass, mirrors and light bulbs
  • Dishes, pyrex, ceramics
  • Foam packaging, Styrofoam, plastic bags
  • Recyclables containing food waste, paint or oils
  • Hazardous material (poisons) or batteries, fluorescent bulbs
  • Yard waste, leaves, grass
  • Trash, diapers, clothing

How to Prepare Recyclables

All your paper, plastics, glass, tin, aluminum, magazines and cardboard go into your recycling cart. No sorting necessary.

For questions on placement or care of recycling carts contact Spohn Disposal at 866-8820.

For questions on solid waste or recycling contact Oneida-Herkimer Solid Waste Authority at 733-1224 or